The Hacienda Studio is Brooklyn's sexiest home for classes, trainings, and workshops in communication, sexual health, BDSM, kink, and polyamory. We are a sex positive venue. Currently many of our offerings are hosted inside of the Bushwick Hacienda Villa. 

Hacienda Villa's Mission

Hacienda Villa is a sex-positive intentional community. The community was co-founded by Andrew Sparksfire, a real-estate entrepreneur, investor, and activist, and world-renowned sex educator Kenneth Play. The Villa has fourteen full-time members, fifteen bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, three kitchens, as well as a basement event space, backyard fire pit, hot tub, gazebo, and outdoor bar and lounge. Our members come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, relationship practices, and professions. We are sex-positive and radically inclusive. We celebrate all safe, consensual sexual expression among adults. As an intentional community, we live together deliberately by principles of inclusivity, compassionate communication, stewardship, self-actualization, and social responsibility. The Villa is a home first, and we practice responsible hedonism, with the belief that we can indulge all our pleasures while being considerate of everyone’s needs and boundaries.