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Hail to The Goddess: An Evening of Tantra & Worshiping the Yoni

  • Hacienda Studio Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY (map)

Join us for an evening of love, surrender, pleasure, and devotion to the Goddess, or divine feminine force focusing on HER pleasure.

This workshop will be limited to 25 attendees and is split up into two parts:

7-9pm: The first segment will take you on a journey of experiential Tantric practices to build and heighten genuine intimacy and connection with yourself and another within a conscious
community setting. We will partake and play with embodied movement, gentle yoga asana and breathwork. The first segment will also discuss female anatomy, arousal, orgasmic possibilities
and how to become of service to the sacred Yoni and Goddess. There will be a hands on demonstration discussing technique, communication skills, listening and applying feedback and
tapping into your most authentic and giving nature. Group discussion can follow, closing with a group meditation. This portion of the workshop is OPEN TO ANYONE! Come single or with
partner(s). Dress in loose and comfortable fitting clothing.

9-10pm: The second segment will be for those who come with a partner. Partners will have a guided yet free form experiential practicing session to immediately try and practice Yoni Worship
for those who come with a partner. This section is only for partners. Bring a towel, your favorite coconut oil or lubrication, loose clothing, a sarong, or shaw and anything else that makes you